Creating a small digital publication for an independent blogger and influencer.

ZirkZine is an online digital publication created by Kenzie Zirkelbach, to showcase events in her everyday life and to create a real and open dialogue between herself and her audience. Kenzie provides digital, editorial content for young adults in an authentic everyday environment with a real and raw voice. Before the website, she had gained over 1,200+ followers on Instagram where she posts about topics such as makeup, festivals, and her lifestyle. Her goal was to engage her current audience with long-form editorial content that would help them feel active, engaged, and excited enough to want to read more.

I helped with the overall branding, naming, logo design, brand assets, and the website design and Webflow development.

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"Sam was so easy to work with and flexible. He was able to take my ideas and formulate them into a cohesive brand, with its own platform. I continue to work with Sam when I have questions or need maintenance on the site. He is very organized and dedicated to his projects."
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Kenzie Zirkelbach

The results

The site was launched in April of 2021. Since then, it has gained 1.6K page views and 590 new users on the website. The site was featured on the Webflow Showcase front page where it has gained 700+ views and 35 likes.

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Graphic & Web Design Sam Flick

Web Development Sam Flick

Software Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, Webflow