Hex Head

Developing a dynamic design system for a big league e-commerce empire

Hex Head is a manufacturer of officially licensed 3D metal wall art for MLB, MLS, NBA, NCAA, NFL, and NHL sports teams. Having worked with RedTag for years, they wanted a clean and modern website that could stand alongside the major leagues that they license in their artwork.

Following up on a recent rebrand by MAKE COOL SH*T, my team and I wanted to adapt the identity system that they created and adapt it into an encompassing and modular design system that could be used to design the website. Each team is given their own color theme that adds onto the parent styles and gives each product page a unique team-branded space that compliments the wall art. Hex Head carries products for almost 200+ teams across 6 leagues and so everything from team logos to team color palettes were organized and documented within the design system.

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Agency RedTag

Creative Direction Charlie Ostertag

Brand Identity & Logo Design MAKE COOL SH*T

Web Design Sam Flick

Web Development Kevin Stone (CTO), Claudio Garcia (Developer), Amit Suthar (Contractor)

Copywriting/Content Strategy Tristan DeWitt

Software Figma, Webflow, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop