Kelley Construction

Crafting a website for a new culture of construction

Kelley Construction is a national family-owned construction firm based in Louisville, Kentucky. They are America's new culture of construction who holds their industry to a higher standard. They needed a new website that better aligned with their firm's vision of a new culture of construction.

I was tasked with leading the design for this project while at RedTag. Together with a team of writers, developers, and project managers, we helped deliver a slick and modern user experience that better highlighter who they are as a company, showcased what kinds of work they specialize in, and helps foster trust within their own client relationships.

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Agency RedTag

Creative Direction Charlie Ostertag

Web Design Sam Flick

Web Development Kevin Stone (CTO), Claudio Garcia (Developer)

Copywriting/Content Strategy Tristan DeWitt

Project Manager Mariah Mattingly

Software Figma, Webflow