Designing an e-commerce platform for a mommy-owned boutique

PinkTag is a local, mommy-owned boutique that caters to trendy moms, super housewives, and hard-working women. The boutique is run by two sisters, Brittney and Kayla, who run day-to-day operations from filling and fulfilling orders to buying inventory and other operations. They specialize in “super cute, reasonably-priced, every-day fashion favorites, sexy out-on-the-town dresses, professional wear, and much, much, more.” As their business continued to scale at a rapid pace, they needed a fresh overhaul on the looks and functionality of their ecommerce platform. Through RedTag, I was in charge of planning the site structure and designing the user interface and functionality of their website. 

I worked within an existing brand identity system that was established and put into production before planning on the website began so it was my task to bring out that identity and help push it further into the digital space. The overall aesthetic we wanted to push towards was very feminine, very positive, and very trendy. The site uses a mix between very vibrant gradients and imagery mixed with a more modern framing and shape system. A big example would be the use of the half-semi-circle or window shapes that are prevalent in product cards on the user interface to image treatment in digital advertising. Bringing in a mix of fun while elevating it to a higher level of sophistication. 

Months after their online store was redesigned, they launched their first retail store location at the Oxmoor Mall in Louisville, KY. Their elevated success in both their online store and now their retail store allows them to continue to grow their boutique to greater levels of success.

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Agency RedTag

Creative Direction Charlie Ostertag

Brand Identity & Logo Design Sydney Geller

Web Design Sam Flick

Web Development Kevin Stone (CTO), Claudio Garcia (Developer), Amit Suthar (Contractor)

Copywriting/Content Strategy Tristan DeWitt

Software Figma, Webflow