Crafting a website for a bioengineering company with a focus on improving patient outcomes

CureTech is a biomedical startup that focuses on supplying post-op recovery and preventative therapies for its patients. They provide patient-focused and physician-centric support with a focus on getting patients back to doing what they love. RedTag was approached by CureTech for a new website that helps illustrate their effectiveness in treating Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and opioid addiction while bringing forward the vision for a brighter future.

The idea for this website was to present an idea for a brighter future. In initial discovery sessions with CureTech, we went towards a design direction that was a different interpretation of a medical identity mixed with playing with the idea of light, soft shapes, and a soft color palette. We kept their original blue brand color but added a triadic palette by mixing in red and violet to give a unique look and feel to the brand. By mixing in some manufacturer and lifestyle photography, we were able to create an aesthetically pleasing tone for the website and other aspects of the identity. 

The website was structured around telling a story about presenting problems and positioning CureTech as the overall solution to said problems. We start by laying out some stats about the national impact of blood clots, DVT, and opioid addiction. Then after presenting this problem, laying out internal statistics of how CureTech helps to solve those problems. This mixed with the overall tone of the brand helps us tell a more optimistic story that encourages patients to get back what they love doing the most.

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Agency RedTag

Creative Direction Charlie Ostertag

Web Design Sam Flick

Web Development Alex Six, Claudio Garcia

Software Figma, Webflow, Adobe Illustrator