Currier & Company

Building a website for an experienced consulting and engineering firm

Currier & Company is an experienced consulting and engineering firm that delivers reliable and innovative services to global clients within the aviation and oil & gas industries. They provide reliable engineering and consulting services by experienced professionals for the aviation and oil and gas industries. I was tasked to redesign their previous website to provide for an easier experience for contractors, engineers, and other industry personnel as well as standardizing marketing materials for long-term sustainability.

The site's overall design is very functional-focused where they want to show professionalism, reliability, and intentionality when building client relationships. The overall layout is very clean and information-focused in its use of color and other elements as well as in various UI components and patterns which make up the majority of the layouts. The content structure of the site puts its focus on the various services it provides as well as the markets which they serve with the main call-to-action being a link to the contact page. The main accents of the site are shown in various photo treatments with client-provided photography mixed with various duotone and photo overlay effects to give off a unique photo-treatment which is both modular and dynamic.

The site was developed first in Webflow and was then converted into a WordPress custom theme using the Udesly convertor where it exists as a WordPress configuration.

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Designer Sam Flick

Developer Sam Flick

Software Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Webflow, Udesly, WordPress