JABEL / David Connolly

Crafting an online presence for a prominent national jewelry manufacturer aiming to redefine its identity in the 21st century

JABEL / David Connolly is a jewelry manufacturer based in Newark, New Jersey. They have been in operation since 1916 and were looking to reshape their image with a new identity. Now owned by David Connolly, a lifelong admirer of JABEL and prominent jewelry designer, JABEL wanted a new website that captured the essence of their long history while bringing them into the 21st century.

The process for this website was centered around a number of different elements. First was the element of photography. We were able to get custom lifestyle photography done which we were able to use in many different brand executions including the website. The idea for website photography was to use very zoomed-in crops which focused on the jewelry while using the human figure as a canvas for said photography. Another element we used was the use of textures and various frosted glass effects to give the website that essence of history and well as, from a functional perspective, making room for interactions on the website. We stuck with a minimal color palette with some burgundy and pink accent colors for calls-to-action. Overall, the mixture of these elements provides that rich history while bringing them to the 21st century. 

The website consists of multiple sections ranging from a large jewelry catalog to more editorial content spreads. The online catalog is powered entirely by the Webflow CMS while using third-party extension Jetboost for real-time filtering. The editorial spreads consist of large sections of copy mixed with lifestyle and historical imagery which helps bring across their craftsmanship and their long-standing past. The site also features a large mega menu powered by Webflow interactions.

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Agency RedTag

Creative Direction Charlie Ostertag

Web Design Sam Flick

Web Development Alex Six, Claudio Garcia

Software Figma, Webflow