Malahide Village

Designing an immersive environment for a small, wealthy Irish village.

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Malahide is a coastal village off the east coast of Ireland and is a part of Dublin, Ireland. They are a wealthier community filled with famous attractions such as the Malahide Castle and Gardens, the lively village, and the rich and deep history dating back to around 900 AD. Deep in the heart of Ireland, they wanted a consistent logo and identity system that could be used for brand awareness across the town and to gain exposure for the Chamber of Commerce.

Malahide Village has to compete for tourists with Malahide Castle. Because the castle is a private organization, any economic gain that they receive does not go towards the village and their Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce came to our team to create a new campaign to drive tourism towards the village and to get them to shop in their stores and to eat in their restaurants. 

From Coast to Castle, Malahide Has it. Malahide is a thriving, coastal village with modern luxury, historical flare, and an excellent opportunity for iconic growth. People from around the world are attracted to the village by its historical charm, extensive history, and coastal lifestyle. Malahide Village life has excellent sports clubs, programs, services, and leisure activities with an Irish welcoming atmosphere. It’s also a key economic center, bringing international tourism to the village and allowing business to thrive. 

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The results

This project received a Gold in branding from the Professional Marketing Association of Bowling Green. The chamber is still actively using the provided brand assets and have built upon them as a foundation for further development.


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Creative Direction Kara Williams Glenn

Art Direction Sam Flick, Tatum Woosley, Carroll Sandman, Kapri Beck

Graphic Designers Christina Dimeo, Jordan Bodenhamer, Kaylee Willgruber

Writers Christina Dimeo, Katie Fischer

Account Executives Charlie Simmons, Christina Gorman, Joseph Hooks

Social Media Bailey Shaluta, Josie Shriver

Software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, WordPress, Elementor