Creating an identity system and a digital presence for a student-run, full-service agency.

Imagewest is a student-run, full-service advertising and public relations agency at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky that provides affordable advertising solutions for local, regional, and national clients. The agency also provides real-world career opportunities for students at the university in order to assist in the transition between school and the workforce.

Imagewest needed to rebrand to better fit in with the other departments of the university. They also needed an identity that was energetic, creative, and powerful to attract better clients, to increase conversions, and to stand out in a crowded environment. With a high-turnover rate for interns, the identity needed to be easy to understand and use for new interns entering the organization while maintaining that creative power that they need to attract more students and clients alike.

The goal for this project was to create an identity system that was scalable and easy to understand while bringing something unique to the table. Every aspect of the brand, from the logo and brand elements to brand applications, were built with three values in mind: simplicity, creativity and impact. The applications included apparel to print and digital advertising to a new website design.

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Kara Williams Glenn — Agency Manager at Imagewest

The results

Since its launch, the average application rate went from 12-15 to 23-25 applications per semester. The uptick in an average number of clients per semester 10-12 clients, 15-18 clients per semester. Before the new website was launched, there was no analytics. Since the website launched, the website has gained 1,500 visits (340% increase), 1,600 unique visitors (460% increase), 3,300 page views (261% increase). 46.6% of visits are from search and 44% are all direct.

Unique visitors (460% increase)
Page views (261% increase)


Agency Imagewest

Creative Direction Kara Williams Glenn

Graphic Design Sam Flick

Writers Sarah Starkey, Phi Chu

Software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Figma, Squarespace 7.1