Creating a web and mobile app for a startup focused on bringing business networkers together digitally.

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Geode is a Nashville-based startup focused on bringing serendipity to virtual networking events. They are working to create an app for mobile and desktop devices for hosting virtual events for business networkers. The startup was founded by two co-founders, George Livingston and Corey Griggs who wanted to provide a product that would provide a solution to problems caused by other virtual networking software from meeting new people / maintaining connections online, the high cost of hosting a physical event, or lack of interest or serendipity throughout the virtual space. 

The challenge was to create a multi-platform application that provides a pleasant user experience by creating an intuitive interface and friendly, serene, and colorful environment. To create an exciting, serendipitous adventure while maintaining an intuitive user experience for the product and the identity design. They wanted to create an experience that involves replicating or replacing the ways that people network in the real world. By optimizing the experiences of businesses, event professionals, and guests with a real-time networking solution with an unlimited number of attendees with no limitations or visitor cap all while providing a sense of joy and color much like the pleasant surprise of finding a colorful, crystal-filled geode inside of a rock formation. 

I was tasked to create a number of different screens and a functioning high-fidelity digital prototype to be handed off to developers to turn into a functional application. I based designs off of the circular nature of a geode formation while matching the colorful surprise of their vision. I looked towards using circles & geometric shapes throughout the visual language while matching using gradients & vivid color to help lead the users eye across the composition of the product. I created textures that illustrated movement in a 2D plane using blurred gradients and light and shadow to guide the user into making intuitive decisions along with fundamental simple typography to create a contrast between simple letterforms and complex textures and illustrations.

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Geode Gradient Textures
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“Sam did some incredibly creative design work for me for both my startup Geode, and my agency Pronghorn Software. Given basic requirements with a lot of room for creativity, Sam ran with the design process. He was very organized in how he structured each phase of the design process from start to finish, and very communicative as the process progressed. I would recommend Sam to anyone looking for a freelancer for a one-time project, or ongoing design work.”
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Corey Griggs — Founder of

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Graphic Designer Sam Flick

Software Developer Melody Stern

Co-founder / Software Developer Corey Griggs

Co-founder George Livingston