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Creating a user interface for an online e-learning startup based in Nashville.

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Course Factory is an online e-learning program where teachers can create profitable and engaging training programs for anything you can think of. It is a Nashville-based startup company that was created by the founders of ThinkThru as a way for users to upload courses and distribute them across the internet. I was hired as a freelance UI/UX designer by Pronghorn Software, a development firm based in Nashville.

Course Factory is a new initiative by ThinkThru, a Nashville-based startup that provides “custom training solutions to generate revenue.” It was created as a middleman between the teacher and student to distribute course content. They needed a designer to design the web-based application and upon further inspection, they needed an identity system to apply to the line of products.

I assisted in the creation of a medium-sized web application design and a design system that focused on the playful, modern, and trendy sides of their business. They wanted a clean, modern, playful, and trendy visual style complete with soft shadows, sans-serif typefaces, vibrant gradients, and abstract shapes which helped target a user base of college-educated millennial populations who wanted to share their knowledge with the world. I also helped in the creation of an identity based on the application with a logo design, visual identity system, and messaging.

Course Factory Cover
Course Factory Logo on White
Course Factory Logotype Gif
Course Factory Logo Colors
Course Factory Brand Message
Course Factory Brand System
Course Factory Illustrations Gif
Course Factory Illustrations
Course Factory Monster Illustrations
Course Factory Welcome Screen
Course Factory Color in UI
Course Factory Type in UI
Course Factory Screens Intro
Course Factory Components
Course Factory Courses and Modules
Course Factory Create Account
Course Factory Main Dashboard
Course Factory Course Page
Course Factory Edit Module
Course Factory Closer
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Sam did some incredibly creative design work for me for both my startup Geode, and my agency Pronghorn Software. Given basic requirements with a lot of room for creativity, Sam ran with the design process. He was very organized in how he structured each phase of the design process from start to finish, and very communicative as the process progressed. I would recommend Sam to anyone looking for a freelancer for a one-time project, or ongoing design work.
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Corey Griggs — Partner at Pronghorn Software

The results

The project was set to launch in March of 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the project was discontinued. The design and prototype were fully completed but were cut when development began. You can view the full Figma prototype by clicking the button down below.

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UI/UX & Brand Designer Sam Flick

Illustrator Kelley Griggs

App Developer Corey Griggs & Pronghorn Software

Software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Figma